FAQs on managing pain and treating addiction

With the assistance of WSMA member Michael Schiesser, MD, internist and addiction specialist at EvergreenHealth, the WSMA is now offering two sets of FAQs for physicians and practices navigating the complexities of pain management in the face of an unfolding opioid crisis. The following guidance documents—one for physicians and one for practice administrators—offer sound, useful advice and links to critical resources for those seeking to create new or improve current pain management care plans.

Physician FAQ on Managing Pain and Treating Addiction During the Opioid Epidemic (Updated Nov. 2016)
Practice Administrator FAQ on Assisting Clinicians and Patients During the Opioid Epidemic (Updated Nov. 2016)

While potentially challenging at first, a sincere effort to bring about change can transform how your clinic manages pain and result in life-changing medical treatment for patients in your community. The two FAQs will be updated periodically as new information and updates become available.

Dr. Schiesser provides peer guidance and training to manage risks from prescribed narcotics as the course director of A Leader’s Guide: Eliminating Problems due to Prescribed Narcotics in your Primary Care Clinic. A Leader’s Guide is a shared effort delivered by ControlRx LLC, on behalf of Physician’s Insurance A Mutual Company and its wholly owned subsidiary, Experix LLC.